About Us

We are comprised of software engineers, ui/ux designers, product developers, project managers, thinkers and founder. The Muslim Software Developers meetup will run and power hackathon events inshallah to present problems, form teams and solve the problems using each of our individual strengths in technology. A platform for Ummah to come forward discuss different issues from different organizations & institutes and try to solve in different hackathons. Technology innovication platform for the Ummah.

OURĀ Events

Muslim Software Developers organizes events that start at a scheduled time and has a predefined duration. During this period, participants solve interesting problems by writing code, learn about coding and other techie things as well as entrepreneurship. Our meetup is a great way to get developers and other creative people together and working on building ideas into the web and mobile applications. Imagine if this creative energy could be channelled to further your social mission. Many big companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn organize regular Meetups within their companies to give people an opportunity to come up with new ideas that help their users.